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Integral Blind Double Glazed Units

Acorn Glass offer ScreenLine integral blinds sets within their double glazing products. ScreenLine integral blinds is a system of blinds which are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Once sealed in this totally dust-free environment, the blinds require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage. Unlike external blind systems ScreenLine Blinds also provide greatly enhanced sun shading features and also enhance the u-value of a double glazed sealed unit.

ScreenLine systems work on the principle of a blind sealed in a double glazed unit. Once sealed, the blinds will require no cleaning or dusting, as they are protected from dust and other contaminants. Therefore the blinds will always appear new, thus adding to the order and elegance of your conservatory. They are ideal for Bi-folding and patio doors and large glazed areas.

Integrablind venetian and pleated blinds are designed for use in double glazed units. They are manufactured in accordance with high technical specifications and stringent production standards set by screenline. The slat raising, lowering and tilting functions are achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, guaranteeing the units hermetic seal. They can be installed into any window system (Upvc, aluminium, wood or metal) as long the glazing rebate has been made to except a minimum of 28mm double glazed unit plus glazing compounds and seals.

The raising and lowering is achieved using a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnet. An electrically operated system with numerous options is available. Please check feasibility for speed restrictions.

Integrablind Colours

integrablind coloursAcorn Glass Integrablind is available in an assortment of colours to not only complement the ingenuity of the blinds, but the overall decor of your house. The blinds are available in a choice of colours and can be ordered in either a Venetian or a pleated variety. All the blinds will be fully colour coordinated within the cavity spacer bar between the two panes of glass which makes the double glazed unit.


The ScreenLine® system is designed with rotational frontal magnetic control  for raising and tilting a blind integrated within a double-glazed unit. It utilises the force produced by two coupled rotational magnetic devices.

One set of magnets is inserted in the blind head rail within the cavity and the other applied to the external glass surface. This magnet principle does not compromise the unit seal and guarantees the perfect integrity of the double-glazing unit.

The Neodymium N35H magnets have an unlimited life and are resistant to high temperatures (+ 120°). The system combines a simple rational structure, limited cost and great functionality. The ScreenLine® system with frontal rotational magnetic control can be readily transported for installation into standard double-glazing units with 20 mm, 22 mm, 27 mm and 32 mm cavities for venetian and pleated blinds, 27 mm cavities for roller blinds and 27 and 32 mm for pleated blinds.

The system is particularly suited to structural façades, however there are no limits to its application, especially where a balance between its excellent technical qualities and refined aesthetic features are required.

Advantages of Integrablind

C System (Magnetic Control)

The ScreenLine® system designed with the rotational frontal magnetic control for raising and tilting a blind integrated within a double-glazed unit. It utilises the force produced by two coupled rotational magnetic devices.

S System (Slider)

The ScreenLine® SL20S is a manual system comprising a 14 mm pleated blind integrated within a double glazing unit with 20 mm cavity.

F System (Solar Powered)

The ScreenLine® SL20-22F is a battery operated motorised blind system. With this system, a venetian or pleated blind encapsulated within a double glazing unit can be raised or lowered via a control device attached to the window or, more comfortably, by remote control.

M System (Motorised)

The ScreenLine® SL20 22M and SL27M system is a significant improvement on previous electrical systems used for raising / lowering and tilting blinds.

B System (Magnetic control/Tilt only)

The ScreenLine® SL20-22B is the new magnetic and manual system for venetian blinds incorporated within 20/22-mm double glazing units for use as a tilt only function. The external magnetic device is located on the glass at the bottom of the unit.

P System (External Knob)

The ScreenLine® SL20P system comprises a venetian blind integrated in a double-glazing unit.